Anne Nhira starts her own show

From starting beef with South Africa’s Zodwa Wabantu on social media to starting her own online TV show , Anne Nhira has shown us that all publicity is good publicity. Her name was trending on Twitter , Facebook and even on Instagram her memes were going viral. This is because of the signed letter from the Minister of  Tourism and Hospitality – Patrick Zhuwau stating that the Ministry had received her complaint and “may” ban Zodwa from participating in the Carnival that she posted.

There after there was social media backlash with Zodwas fans going against Anne Nhira nonstop on social media. This hasn’t stopped the outspoken actress in no way as she now joins an elite group of women in Zimbabwe to have their own talk shows like Ruvheneko to name a few. Her talk show is an hour long and will be broadcasted every Tuesday at 4pm on Zimdi TV and Masuwo with Anne Nhira.

The show is set to feature big names like in her first episode former Caps United Football club chairman Andy Rodgers and gospel artist Tatenda Mahachi . Some fans of Zodwa even went as far as asking the now TV host if she can feature Zodwa Wabantu and she said she would organize one as soon as she is in the country. It’s safe to say not only did Zodwa win like she posted on Instagram ,our very own Anne Nhira won too rising above all the comments from hecklers and fans alike to better her own brand.

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