How the ZRP electronic monitoring system will work

The Long awaited Electronic Traffic Monitoring SYSTEM (ETMS) is finally here. Essentially the ETMS was created to combat the high increase in illegal roadblocks and these devices do just that, with features that help logging in of data to be done in real time. Elimination of paper usage that had to be captured again into the system later on is now a thing of the past, thanks to these devices. A camera is also installed thus helping the officer to take a picture of the road offender when needed for future reference.

Police road blocks can now be monitored thanks to the ETMS device because it has an inbuilt GPS system that will report if the officers have moved from the allocated road position, reducing the cancer that is illegal road blocks. The ETMS is available at Avondale police system and Harare Central Police Station with 16 devices at each station.
Mobile money will be the order of the day since the device only accepts electronic payment reducing the risk of corruption with officers hold hard cash. After confirmation of payment, a receipt will then be printed and the machine will automatically update itself in the morning. To those motorists charged with an offense the system does not have room for later on payments or installments like the city of Harare parking device. Sadly it will be the traffic officers choice to either allow for future payment or detain till payment is done.

ETMS’s are set to reduce the amount of corruption happening on our roads with illegal roadblocks running rampant and unchecked.

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