BAZ disputes High Court Judgement

Kwese TV’s  victory over Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) in the High Court seems like it’s going to be short lived with BAZ turning to the Supreme Court for a new ruling. Econet Media (Mauritius) was in conjunction with Dr Dish , using Dr Dish’s content distribution license to operate in Zimbabwe. Set license was given to Dr Dish but failed to deliver due to lack of funds on their part so their then partner MY TV dropped out of the deal. This resulted in BAZ sending them a notice of intention of  termination October last year.

Dr Dish put out a plea that the Supreme Court should go by the judgement of the High Court since this will affect a lot of subscribers which have now reached a high number of 32429 and ,  not forgetting employees that are over 1635 if the urgent chamber application fails. The peoples right to media will also be violated so they say.

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