Slikour coming for Zimbabwe Hip Hop Summit

This years inaugural Hip-Hop Summit is set to have guest speakers like the likes of South African hip hop heavy weight and business man Siyabonga “Slikour” Matane. With Slikour’s constantly rising rate of success his teachings to new and already established artists , will most definitely go a long way. Zimbabwe hip hop in general will also benefit from this visit from Siyabonga “Slikour” Matane. As the brain child of Jibilika Dance Festival , the summit is set to see important individuals in the hip hop community come together to share knowledge and information to improve the state of the industry.


“The summit is made up of three panel discussions that will explore important aspects of the Zim hip-hop industry. Each panel will have highly knowledgeable panelists that will share their expertise on the given topics. We’ve enlisted the help of top musicians, activists, business people and enthusiasts to give holistic discussions taken from first hand experience of working within Zimbabwe’s hip-hop industry,” read a statement from the summit organizers. Key topics to be covered are ,’ The state of Zimbabwe’s hip-hop industry’,’ The business of hip-hop’ as well as ‘Lyricism, conflict and free expressions’.

Zimbabweans speakers will also be present like Stunner, Cal_Vin , Tehn Diamond , DJ Mox(Star FM), Lady K (The Fixx, ZiFM) , award winning videographer Blaqs, ZIMURA director Polisile Ncube , Phil CHARD (The African hip-hop blog) to name a few.

The event is set to take place on the 30th of this month as part of Shoko Festival at the Harare City Library.

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