TelOne close to launching Video on Demand streaming service

TelOne has flighted an advert in the newspaper as part of its application to launch a new Video On Demand service. You maybe wondering what is Video On Demand. Under Zimbabwean law as contained in the Broadcasting Act of Zimbabwe Video on demand is classified as a service through which video or audio content is delivered at the request of persons having equipment appropriate for receiving that service and is made available to persons with or without payment and of subscription fee ,whether such payment is periodical or otherwise , and whether or not such fee is charged on its forms part of a fee for multiple services including the on demand service;

TelOne  hopes to provide an all one service of providing voice, internet and television in one go and has found local and international partners. The platform will deliver sports, news entertainment and video on demand services. This service is going to be Digital Entertainment On Demand (DEOD) and currently the lowest price charge is $5. Tel One has not indicated however, if it will partner with local content providers. DEOD offers five Subscription options, all of which are valid for 30 days from date of payment. You can then choose to renew them or change the following month, based on your personal preference. No long-term commitments, no recurring billing! What is more interesting is that it has a 30 day free trial.

These are packages they offer

News $4

Our News pack brings you the latest in global reporting, from business to current affairs across a selection of well-known channels, as well as daily sports news from DEOD Sports Network (DSN), streamed directly to your phone or PC. For only $4 per month stay connected with worldwide news at your fingertips.
Sport $10

Live on the edge with the DEOD Sports. For only $10 per month, you have access to the best of extreme sports, fight sports, sailing, sports tuition, daily sports news from DEOD Sports Network (DSN) and so much more. Don’t pay a premium for your daily sport fix – with DEOD you can have all day access to the sport you choose at a price you like.


Sport and News $13

Looking for Sport and News? Stay up to date with global perspectives on business world news, as well as and a mix live sports, highlights and sports news and save by taking our combo Sport and News package for only $13.

On Demand

On Demand includes an always growing catalogue of hundreds of hours of TV shows, movies, kids programs, music videos, sport news, inspirational and educational content and a whole lot more, accessible at your leisure for the whole family. All you need is an internet connection and a world of entertainment becomes available in the palm of your hand.


DEOD Premium

DEOD Premium offers you a combination of News, Sport and On Demand for only $18 per month. Need we say more?

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