“Embracing African Fashion Flair in Manhattan”

New York City is experiencing a surge in African fashion. This June, the Brooklyn Museum became a focal point for this trend with its “Africa Fashion” exhibit, one of the largest of its kind in North America, showcasing African attire and artisanship. African fashion is increasingly featured on runways and in new boutiques throughout the city, steadily integrating into the fashion scene of New Yorkers.

Zuri, a burgeoning store in downtown Manhattan, exemplifies this trend. The store, which opened just a few years ago, sources its materials and designs from Kenya and other African nations, promoting authentic African fashion.

Tiffany Collins, a Zuri employee, shared with FORBES AFRICA the brand’s ethos of supporting African artists. “We collaborate with various artists in Africa to create our pieces, which are then shipped here. This process not only creates a sustainable ecosystem but also ensures fair and livable wages for the creators,” she explained.

The team at Zuri is dedicated to making African clothing a regular item in everyday wardrobes. Collins expresses a desire for greater appreciation and understanding of the intricate process behind creating these exquisite pieces. “It’s important to recognize the many hands and the detailed work that go into these garments before they even arrive here,” she added.

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