“Insider Reveals Exciting New Features and Design Tweaks for Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 16 Pro”

Apple’s commitment to innovation is evident in the upcoming iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro, as they’re set to feature fresh design elements. An industry insider has spilled intriguing details about these changes. Expect a novel button, possibly dedicated to enhancing video recording capabilities.

Picture your iPhone’s battery life lingering at 4% – the new iPhone iteration might just offer a slightly larger battery to tackle this. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in his Power On newsletter, reveals that the iPhone 16 series will inherit the Action Button, initially seen on the iPhone 15 models, across its entire range.

Moreover, Gurman hints at an additional hardware button, especially for the lower-end models, aimed at video enthusiasts: a button solely for video recording. This move marks another step in Apple’s journey towards more user-focused design and functionality.

There’s buzzing speculation about Apple’s iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro, hinting at some interesting design updates. Contrary to what some may believe, the rumored new button on these devices, previously dubbed the Capture Button, is expected to have a broader functionality than just video recording. In fact, it’s likely to double up for photo capturing as well, debunking the idea of it being solely video-centric.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, in his recent Power On newsletter, also teased the possibility of bigger display sizes for the Pro models. This development begs the question: can Apple integrate larger screens without significantly altering the phone’s size? Considering the recently slimmed-down bezels on the Pro models, it seems probable that the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max could witness a marginal increase in size. However, this brings up a practical concern: will these larger devices still fit comfortably in our pockets?

While these features – a slightly bigger screen and the versatile new capture button – might seem like modest enhancements, Gurman points out that Apple’s primary focus next year might be on its new Apple Vision Pro, upgraded iPads, and enhanced Apple Watches. Yet, it’s unlikely that Apple would downplay its flagship product. We can anticipate the next iPhones to offer more than just size upgrades and an improved button array.

The placement of this new capture button is also a topic of interest. In the U.S., it’s expected to sit where the oval-shaped 5G mmWave panel is, on the right-hand edge of the iPhone. Interestingly, this panel isn’t present in iPhones sold outside the U.S., but the capture button will occupy the same spot regardless. These anticipated changes are adding to the excitement for Apple’s next big release.

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